We are recognised as a leader in delivering ASDAN (Awards Scheme Development Accreditation Network) units. As an ASDAN Teacher Development School, we offer a broad range of ASDAN courses to students in addition to providing professional learning and support to other schools looking to implement ASDAN.

The broad range of modules from Towards Independence and Transition challenge undertaken by students includes Business Enterprise, Coping with People, Developing Numeracy Skills (Introduction and Progression), Developing Communication Skills (Sensory and Progression), E-Safety, Engaging in the World Around Me, Going to College, Independent Living, Making Pictures, Meal preparation and Cooking, Personal Safety, Popular Culture, Recognising and Using Everyday signs, Sound Rhythm and Music, Water Skills, Wider World, Work Awareness, Computer  Technology, Feeling Good and Workright. Where appropriate some students may enrol in more than one program with the aim of achieving ASDAN accreditation for all modules by end of year.