Containers for Change


‘ASESC Rec Collection’ was founded by our students in 2020.

This microenterprise has been built from the ground up by the students, who collaboratively wrote a business plan, letters to business partners and voted on the business name.

The group designed the business logo and signage, with the chosen designed being digitised before being printed onto the students uniforms. The new donation point located at the school was designed by the students on paper and digitally.  These plans were submitted to the Albany Prison Sheet Metal Workshop for the donation point to be assembled.

A part of the program, the students have also been learning key skills, such as warehouse safety and communication, during their weekly excursion to the Green Skills recycling refund point in Centennial Park, making an appearance on GWN7 news in the process!

This year the team are focussing on developing their customer service skills and communication.  The business has been given the exciting opportunity of collecting eligible containers from a number of city of Albany sites.  This will provide invaluable experience of communication and professional conduct as part of a dynamic team.  To teach the importance of community mindedness the business will be drafting a plan to ensure equal distribution of raised funds between great local causes.

With your continued support, this program will be a win for the environment, a win for the students development and a win for the local community groups.

Our collect number is C10261171.