Literacy forms the base of the way we teach the children. All teachers are trained to make literacy a priority. Our literacy specialist works across all classes with students identified as having literacy issues with a focus on;

  • Improving phonemic awareness and spelling.
  • Working closely with children and using different types of texts.
  • Developing sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar as well as punctuation when speaking, reading and writing.

Assessments are conducted at the start of each year and then frequently throughout the year to find individual student literacy needs and programs are developed based on those results and teacher observations. The assessments used include;

Alpha-Omega spelling assessment as recommended by the Dyslexia Speld Foundation.

  • Alpha-Omega spelling assessment as recommended by the Dyslexia Speld Foundation.
  • Multi-Lit Word Attack assessment
  • Multi-Lit Sight Word Assessment
  • Teacher made assessment on understanding and comprehension.
  • TERC (Test of Everyday comprehension)


Students taught by the literacy specialist are placed on the Alpha to Omega program in order to develop spelling skills and work to achieve their Individual Education Plan spelling target.


All students taught by the literacy teacher have opportunities to develop their reading skills. Reading and practicing understanding and comprehension programs are used with various books including; the Moon Dogs, Totem, Talisman Star Struck and Quest series.

Learning activities include:

  • Sequencing and retelling the steps in basic routines experienced.
  • Sequencing and retelling simple narratives.
  • Indicating and naming phonemes
  • Reading sight words and those containing the individual student’s spelling target.
  • Identifying features, understanding and comprehending different types of texts; including recounts, instructional texts and information reports

Multi Lit

The Multi Lit (Making Up Lost Time In Literacy) program is an evidence based literacy intervention program. Students are assessed for suitability for the program which is taught one on one for up to 20 minutes three times a week. Students are enrolled in the Word Attack and Sight Words programs. Pre testing identifies suitable students for participation in the Multi Lit program.