A range of mathematic assessments are used to cater to the individual needs of students including the one minute maths test, PAT Maths test, SENAT and Australian Curriculum resources.  A Maths online assessment tool gives an overall picture of the broad levels of student achievement.  With the broader levels established, teachers are more confident crafting appropriate assessments to provide diagnostic information and inform planning and the setting of IEP goals.

Some students are comfortable working at a Year 9 or higher maths level whereas others are at lower stages. The Skoolbo program is widely used and some students participate in the Mathletics program, offering opportunities for extended learning online.

The strands of number and algebra and measurement and geometry are the focus of student mathematics programs and their IEP goals for numeracy.  In addition, some students complete the ASDAN modules of Developing Numeracy Skills (Introduction and Progression). Each class completes cooking activities including many practical applications of mathematics such as measuring quantities, multiplying and dividing measurements to ensure there is sufficient food for all to enjoy.  Students participating in an enterprise project require a high level of skill in budgeting.  Students cost their desired rewards and submit budgets to the principal for approval before spending their profits.  Their efforts provide opportunities to market their products for sale.