Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning provides students with a fantastic opportunity to develop their skills, experience different industries and prepare for transition to the world of work.  We have great support from local businesses providing placements for our students.

Students work with a large variety of local employers and gain a vast array of skills and knowledge. Students receive fantastic references to include in their resumes which they work on at school.

Examples of excellent outcomes former students have achieved include;

  • student offered a volunteer position as a direct result of WL
  • gained open employment with the assistance of the WL coordinator
  • gained casual employment as a direct result of the WL placement
  • students received the Good Samaritan’s $1000 each STEP Scholarship in 2016 and 2015
  • a student is undertaking a work trial from TAFE studies completed during school
  • students offered part time employment through employment  agencies using the skills they gained during WPL and CWC