Our school uniforms can be purchased from Barefoot Clothing, Lockyer Avenue Albany.

All students must wear the school uniform.  Our school uniform enhances the public image of our school and has a positive impact on school tone and student self-esteem.

Other advantages of everyone wearing a school uniform:

  • Gives everyone a sense of belonging
  • Builds positive school identity and spirit
  • Allows for easy identification of campus visitors
  • Cheaper than brand-name clothing
  • Encourages a more focused approach to learning, with less distraction.

Shirts – Black school shirt

Jackets/jumpers – Black school jumper.  Year 12 leaver’s jacket. Plain black jacket / jumper or plain grey jacket / jumper

Trousers/skirts/shorts – Plain black pants. Plain black shorts. Plain black skirt. (Blue Demin is not permitted).

For students representing the school at graduation and special functions: White shirt with collar and buttons, black trousers/pants or black straight skirt.


Scarves and long sleeve t-shirts (worn under school polo shirt), in the school colours of black, white or green.