Best Practise Teaching


Positive Behaviour School

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a framework that guides behavioural and academic support for students to learn and display positive or pro- social behaviours.  We blend this with the best evidence based academic and behavioural practices for improving student outcomes.

We have implemented Tier 1 strategies to promote a positive, proactive approach. Key aspects include developing an agreed set of expectations relating to behaviour and ensuring that the behaviours are taught consistently across the school. Our whole school reward system recognises achievement and encourages students to develop and demonstrate the expected behaviours. From PBS vouchers to placing a leaf on the school PBS tree, our  system incorporates immediate, short, medium and long term goals intertwined with individual, class and whole school rewards.

In our recent external review of our implementation of PBS we scored an impressive 97%. Our commitment to ongoing improvement led us to undertake a self-assessment online survey and conduct several in house surveys. We use the information gained to adapt the process to record and monitor positives. This led to a significant improvement.  Future plans for further embedding PBS include continuing the trial of involving our student councillors and making minor adjustments to the free and frequent voucher system to ensure the approach used for students with high needs is reflected.

CMS- Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom Management Strategies (CMS) grow professional teaching practice in ways that improve the engagement, learning and wellbeing of all students. Our staff are well versed in the low key responses and effectively use strategies such as winning over, wait time, minimal verbal responses, proximity and giving choices to enable students to feel empowered. At ASESC we proactively build safe and positive classroom environments that support active student engagement with the learning process. CMS strategies underpin implementation of Positive Behaviour in Schools.